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to a doctor for a health screening, or face a possible charge of $600 a year. abc's steve osunsami on the big reaction brewing tonight. >> reporter: cvs bosses aren't being shy, telling workers enrolled in their health plans to either get themselves to a doctor for a screening -- or start paying a surcharge, an extra $600 a year for their company's health insurance. >> all of the people covered under our health care will be more accountable for taking control of our health and our costs. >> reporter: body weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol -- those are the numbers that matter. and according to company documents, if they aren't good, workers have a year to make them better, or you may have fewer health options to choose from the next time you enroll. >> the approach they're taking is based on the assumption that somehow these people need a whip, they need to be penalized to make themselves healthy. >> reporter: cc -- cvs is not alone, saying that most employers offer health assessments, and then hand out incentives to the workers who complete them. but concerned employees tell
, is it time to sell? abc's steve osunsami starts us off. >> reporter: what a turnaround. it only took ten days to sell this beautiful three-bedroom home in the middle of atlanta. there were four offers and it sold for $10,000 above asking. >> do you like this house? >> reporter: nathan and christine mayberry have been searching for a single-family home in a good school district and say there are no homes to buy. for now, they're in a cramped condo they just sold in four short days. >> the surprise is the shortage, really. i think the tables have turned now. >> reporter: on the internet, realtors like michael nevile have been screaming about this for months. >> we actually honestly have no inventory in the marketplace. >> reporter: here's a map of atlanta from zillow. look at all those homes for sale three years ago. and now today. in oakland, the average home selling in just 14 days. in st. louis, real estate agent kate burmeister is going door to door, begging families in good neighborhoods to sell. >> here's some information about the neighborhood. do you know anybody looking to buy or sell
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2